Writing and Rewriting

When I wrote that I really had no idea how to make a documentary on our “About the Film” page, I was only telling the partial truth. I do have -some- idea how to go about it. I do, after all have a great many film classes under my belt, including scriptwriting and script analysis. And I -have written several treatments for proposed films, co-wrote a screenplay for a feature length film and wrote another feature length screenplay on my […]

A Release Date: May 2015

Yes! Lots of work and changes are coming on this site in the coming days, weeks and months, to reflect all of the exciting development that is going on in our film project. After many personal trials and tribulations for our crew (and when I say crew, I mean two people, Daniel Trout and myself, Barbara Fisher), the script is written, is being rewritten, and editing is truly about to commence. I want to thank all of our supporters and […]