A Release Date: May 2015


handtomouth Yes! Lots of work and changes are coming on this site in the coming days, weeks and months, to reflect all of the exciting development that is going on in our film project. After many personal trials and tribulations for our crew (and when I say crew, I mean two people, Daniel Trout and myself, Barbara Fisher), the script is written, is being rewritten, and editing is truly about to commence. I want to thank all of our supporters and Athens community members who have been so patient over the years as we slowly slogged our way through this project, and as we now, pick up the pace and charge on through to the final phases of post-production. I’ll be writing regular blog posts on this site from now on, mostly involving the film project and how the work on it is progressing, but I’ll also do posts that introduce some of the folks whose voices and thoughts are bringing our film to life. And while I’m at it, I’ll do posts that tell some of the stories that are ever so fascinating and fun but which are not going to make it into our film, because, entertaining as they may be, they aren’t germane to the thesis of our documentary. And I’ll talk about the institutions like the Athens Farmer’s Market that are such a big part of the food economy here and how things are progressing for them. And you never know, I might post a recipe or two just like I used to do back when I wrote the food blog, Tigers & Strawberries. So keep an eye on this space. Lots of great things are happening, and lots of really fun stuff is coming up, including the 16 minute “Appetizer Edit” video that people have been clamoring to see for ages now.